Scene at the West Virginia Diner

So Fred and I are sitting at our table, waiting on our lunch, and talking about an upcoming event at Jefferson Lab when we’re interrupted from the next table.

“Excuse me but you’re wrong.”

“Wrong? About what? The universe being more than 6000 years old?”

“Well, yes, that obviously, but it’s the Jeffersonian Lab, not the Jefferson, and it’s in Washington, not Newport News. It’s where Bones works.”

“Bones? What? No. We’re talking about the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, an electron accelerator and theoretical physics center in Newport News.”

“No, it’s in Washington. And they’re crime fighter scientists- not whatever you said.”

“You do know that Bones is fictional, right?”

“It’s not fictional- it’s on television, on FOX.”


* This conversation didn’t actually happen, but, sadly, it could have…